Welcome to the Kaanapali Royal public website. Owners, Please use the FrontSteps System to get owner specific information.

Renting or Leasing at Kaanapali Royal

This information in no way represents the opinion or policies of the AOAO or board of directors.  The information is provided by owners for owners use at their own discretion.

While Kaanapali Royal and the AOAO do not manage the renting of units, individual owners can choose to rent their units either as short term vacation rentals or for longer term leases.   If you are interested in staying at KR for a vacation or to lease long term here are links to some sites that can provide more information.

Welcome to the Renting at KR Section of our Website

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the experience for both owners and renters, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a “Renting at Kaanapali Royal” section on our website. This section will showcase the unique offerings of each rental unit within our community.

We invite you to feature your unit on our website. It’s a fantastic opportunity to increase visibility and attract potential renters.

To have your unit featured, please provide the following details to Natalie Arbuckle at J303Maui@gmail.com:

  1. Your name or general manager’s name
  2. Unit number
  3. The link you would like to use for your unit

We believe that by collectively showcasing our rental units, we can create a comprehensive resource for renters and further elevate the appeal of Kaanapali Royal as a premier destination.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We eagerly anticipate your participation and look forward to showcasing your unit on our website.

Warm Mahalo,

Natalie Arbuckle

Rental Managers (handle multiple KR Units)

iTrip Maui

Maui Paradise Properties

VRBO Listings for Kaanapali Royal Units

Individual Unit Owners that rent

Natalie Arbuckle – Unit J303 – Email – J303Maui@gmail.com

Rick Beck – Unit J301 – Click Here for individual unit VRBO Listing

Rod Conklin – Unit K102 – Click Here for individual unit VRBO Listing

Videos and Slideshows



Gallery of sample representative unit pictures from a Kaanapali Royal 2nd floor unit

Third floor units have the master bedroom upstairs.   Here are some representative pictures of the 3rd floor units master bedroom